Swift Heat is the leading manufacturer of Cartridge Heaters in South Africa as well as a full range of heating elements, temperature sensors and controllers.

Swift Heat has engineered a production process and use of high quality raw materials that ensures that it’s cartridge heaters are comparable in quality and performance to any cartridge heater imported from Europe or the USA.  Swift Heat has an on-going commitment to engineering excellence to improve heater performance as well as the performance of our customers applications

Cartridge Heaters are ideally suited to mould and tooling applications.  Cartridge heaters can be manufactured as standard or split cartridges.  Standard round cartridge heaters can be constructed either with or without built in thermocouples.  Split cartridges are always manufactured without built in thermocouples.  Split Cartridge Heaters are ideally suited for very high temperature applications such as in the die casting industry.  Removing split cartridges is easy as the heaters flexibility is greater due to its design.

Cartridge heaters require precise bore sizes and tolerances to maximise both their life and their performance.  A press fit and anti-seize paste is highly recommended to extend the life of these heaters.  Protrusion of the heated section in a mould is not recommended since the watts densities are high which will result in element failure.


Split Cartridge Heater

Cartridge Heater

Cartridge Heater

Die-Cast Cartridge Heater