Swift Heat is the leading manufacturer of Cast In Heaters in South Africa as well as a full range of heating elements, temperature sensors and controllers.

Encased heaters can be constructed as either cast-in or milled out heaters. Cast-in heaters use either copper, brass or aluminium as the casting material. Tubular sheathed elements are used within these cast-in heaters, due to their robustness, flexibility and longevity. Cast-in’s provide excellent heat transfer properties and are not susceptible to plastic, moisture or corrosive ingress thereby ensuring maximum lifespan.

Milled aluminium heaters provide excellent heat transfer and durability. An added advantage is the accessibility of replacing faulty heaters which offers both a long term and cost solution. These heaters are custom made to often replace flat or box heaters which may have many holes and cut-outs and are not easily accessible on moulds or dies.


Cast in Heater