Swift Heat is the leading manufacturer of Flat Mica Heaters in South Africa as well as a full range of heating elements, temperature sensors and controllers.

Mica Flat Heaters are known in the industry as Flat Metal Clads.

Mica heaters are available as either round, box or flat heaters. Round mica heaters can be constructed as being serrated (increased flexibility) or non serrated. Round mica heaters can also be constructed as either full, three-quarter, one-third or any other circumference band. Mica box and flat heaters are predominantly used on extrusion heads or dies due to their specific design. It is highly recommended to use backing plates on these heaters to increase longevity of the heater since warping of the element may occur resulting in burnout due to bad contact between element and die.

Drum mica heaters are used to decrease viscosities in metal drums or containers which store chemical solutions.


Mica Flat Heater