Swift Heat is the leading manufacturer of Immersion Heaters in South Africa as well as a full range of heating elements, temperature sensors and controllers.

Screw-in Immersion Heating Elements with brazed in incoloy tubes are suited for applications where high-power requirements are combined with short immersion depths.  These Immersion elements are ideally suited to Industrial Water Heating applications such as boilers and in-line water heaters.

    • Standard type with screw-in thread – 2.5″ Boss, 2″ Boss , 1.5″ Boss, 1.25″ Boss
    • Various IML (Immersion Length) available
    • In 2″ Boss available ex-stock  in 3 x 2KW 480mm IML, 3 x 3KW 630 IML & 3 x 4KW 800mm IML
    • Hairpin bent incoloy tubes are brazed into the screw joint.  Welded or soldered joints are water tight and pressure tested.
    • Screw-in heating elements with stainless Steel pockets to mount a thermostat are available on request
    • Temperature Control can be effected by independently mounted temperature probes such as PT100’s and Thermocouples.

Flanged Heaters can be made to customer specification


Immersion Heater on 2″ Boss

Immersion Heater with Epoxy Sealing

Flange Heater

Geyser Element