Hot runner control systems are temperature controllers which monitor and control temperatures in multi- cavity moulds. Hot runners necessitate the use of these systems since melt flows are critical for the functionality of these moulds. Accurate temperatures enhance these systems performances, thereby ensuring that each shot produces the correct number of components as per the design specification.

One advantage of using hot runners is not only the number of components moulded, but also the cycle time in which each shot is produced. Thus in the event of a temperature sensor failing, automatic transfer to percentage control is vital. This will ensure that the number of components being moulded is retained, thus no loss of production. Monitoring other electrical signals such as element, SSR and fuse failure adds to the flexibility of a control system, where fault finding becomes an easy and simple task.


3-6 Zone Therm-o-runner

1-2 Zone Therm-o-runner

7-12 zone Therm-o-runner

7-12 zone Therm-o-runner

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