Melt pressure transducers are used to measure pressure in extruders and film blowing machines. It is critical to measure these pressures since excessively high back pressures can either shear the screw or push the die/head off its mounting bolts causing severe damage and ultimately huge costs to the manufacturer.

These transducers form an integral part of the monitoring systems and are interlocked to the main motor drive which turns the screw. Once the high set pressure has been reached the motor is switched off, until corrective action is taken, thereby preventing damage to the screw. Digital indicators are used to measure these pressures and allow for various setpoints to be programmed to avoid any high pressures to be reached.

A combination of both pressure and temperature transducer is used where high melt temperatures need to be monitored to avoid material from burning.


Melt Pressure Transducer

Melt Pressure/Temp Transducer